Cube 51

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Completed project

Req. Capital €116.367,00

Min. Investment €10.481,00

Selling Point – €136.822,05

Est. Profit – 15%

Cube 51

Zeeland, The Netherlands.

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Cube 51, Sulex Bungalows

Zeeland, The Netherlands.

RSG offers a turn-key model called the Cube 51. This is a 51 bungalow
which will be delivered on a plot selected by RSG at a holiday park/campsite.

Explore our fully customized Cube of no less than 51 square meters / two bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, technical room and spacious living room. The sharp and luxurious look, shapes and high quality ensure a unique model. The Cube is fully equipped with HR +++ glass, LED lighting, luxury kitchen and bathroom. Due to the high insulation values, the Cube is standard hardy and therefore suitable for all seasons.

Sales process

1. Red Sand group

Red Sand Group sells the property to it’s investors.

2. Collective investors

Our collective investors now own a piece of the property. 

3. Private ownership

Somebody buys the property from our investors and now owns it privately. 

closed For Investments

The Cube 51 project is currently closed for investments.

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