Real estate developers are responsible for building and maintaining the properties in a given area. They help build communities and create new opportunities for people to live and work. The real estate developer’s role is to find new opportunities for development, negotiate with potential buyers, develop plans for the project, find financing options from banks or private investors, build the property and sell it to a buyer. In short, a developer deals with all aspects of the realization of a new construction project: from market research to attending construction meetings. This is how to get started with a real estate development process. 

real estate development process

Developing real estate from experience

To begin with real estate development, it is first important to put a clear budget on paper. Based on this, you can determine whether a lender should be engaged to guarantee the realization of the real estate project. The real estate development industry is a fast-paced and demanding one that requires lots of experience. The following are some of the skills that you need to have in order to be successful in this industry. In addition, it is always smart to invest in your real estate license to gather experience before you start developing. 

  • A good understanding of the local market, business plans, and financials
  • Knowledge of construction materials and how to create a quality project
  • Being able to manage a project during construction
  • A solid knowledge of legal issues
  • Solid understanding of design principles

Understanding the local real estate market, business plans, and financials

The first step in understanding the local real estate market is to learn about the different types of real estate available for purchase. Real estate can come in many forms such as residential homes, commercial properties, or land. Depending on the type of real estate you focus on, you face specific risks. Take these risks into account when you are ready to perform a financial analysis. Write out a business plan to make all the findings understandable and proceed to the next step based on this. 

Choosing construction materials

Construction materials are a part of the building process. They are the basic building blocks that make up the structure. However, it is important to know what materials are suitable for your project. While there is no standard rule in choosing construction materials, here are some guidelines to create insight in what you need to realize your real estate project:

  • Determine which materials will be used for each part of the project

  • Make sure you have enough materials for the project to be completed on time and on budget

  • Make sure that you use durable materials that can withstand any weather condition

Manage a real estate project during construction

The first step in managing your construction project is setting up your team and assigning responsibilities. You should also set milestones and timelines for each stage of your project, which will help you keep track of progress throughout the entire process. The second step is defining what are the deliverables that you want to achieve by completing each stage of your project. This will help you determine what tasks are necessary for each stage and how long it should take to complete them. 

Create a solid knowledge of laws and regulations

A solid knowledge of legal issues is necessary for any professional who is related to law. Because laws and regulations can vary by state and municipality, it is smart to use the knowledge of a local real estate agent for development in unfamiliar territory. This allows you to avoid specific pitfalls, thereby increasing your short- and long-term returns. 

Solid understanding of design principles

Design principles are not just a list of rules and guidelines that designers have to follow. They are based on a set of human behaviors and cognitive processes. Designers should use design principles to create an effective design solution, which is both functional and aesthetic. Designers need to understand how these principles work in order to be able to apply them correctly. The following are the most popular design principles:

  1. Consistency;
  2. Hierarchy;
  3. Proximity;
  4. Continuity;
  5. Repetition;
  6. Contrast;
  7. Alignment/Proportionality.

Develop real estate by working with Red Sand Group

Red Sand Group provides full-service real estate development services for clients by offering everything from land acquisition, planning and design, construction, marketing and sales to post-occupancy management and property management. By cooperating with international parties in the real estate market, we simplify the realization of real estate projects. Although it is smart to have mastered the basics of real estate development, we ensure that all aspects of the development process are executed accordingly. You can contact us for the development of real estate in Europe to Asia, Africa and the Caribbean islands. By so doing, we are creating new investment opportunities, more housing and employment opportunities and the growth of international communities worldwide. All the more reason to start partnering with Red Sand Group today. 

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