The private housing investors are dissatisfied with the Dutch Minister of Housing and Spatial Planning, who is taking a hard stance on the housing market. Investors are unhappy about the minister’s decision to introduce a rent cap which will limit rent increases to 2% per annum. They also criticize the minister for not giving more attention to their concerns about the current housing shortage in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. This became painfully clear at the congress of Vastgoed Belang on November 24th. The scolding of Minister De Jonge has only reinforced the image of the private landlord as a selfish, but on the other hand there are many people who can well understand the dissatisfaction of private housing investors. 

private housing investors dissatisfied

Private housing investors dissatisfied 

The Netherlands is one of the European countries with the highest population density and the country has been struggling with housing shortages for decades. In order to address this issue, the Dutch government has introduced a new law that will prohibit private housing investors from renting out residential property in big cities. This is mainly to ensure that more people get a chance in the real estate market. Where starters currently cannot buy a home, the government hopes to change this with the creation of a new law. This law is nevertheless causing dissatisfaction among private real estate investors. 

The Dutch government has been criticized by private housing investors for not doing enough to make real estate development more accessible. The government has been slow in announcing concrete plans to address this issue. However, there is a suspicion that no concrete plans will be laid down for large-scale real estate development in the near future. This has everything to do with the climate agreement and limiting CO2 emissions in the country.

Regulations on renting residential real estate

In the Netherlands, there is a shortage of housing. The Dutch government has been criticized for their policies on the housing market. The government has been accused of not doing enough to help those who want to invest in private housing developments, instead only focusing on public development projects. Private investors feel that they should take control over real estate development themselves and not rely on the government to do it for them.

The government has tried to solve the shortage issue by investing in social housing and building more houses, but this was not even close to enough. In respone, the government started to give subsidies for private house developers and private investors to start an education in this field. This led to the rise of large scale real estate development projects in the Netherlands, which have not been executed yet. The Dutch are all for this idea, because they are eager to learn more about real estate development. But there is one problem: these new developments are not as affordable as people hoped for. This is mainly due to the high prices of materials, transportation and manpower.

Real estate development made easy 

The real estate development industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. It is very important for developers to ensure that they have a good understanding of the market and are able to provide a high-quality product.

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